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What is Coaching?

Coaching is developping your goals or wishes as a way-of-life in your future. The coach helps you in a positive manner to reach your new goals in life.

Within this process of coaching new perceptions are made, which will help to realize the set goals. The coach will show you -by interactive methods and techniques- how to make progress in developping your goals as a part of your life. It is all about developping and reaching wished goals in life or carreer in a positive way.

The aim of coaching is to integrate your goals in your daily life in a sufficient, practical way. Your capabilities, talents and qualities will be developped along the process.

The main question within the process is: which goals would you like to reach, what would you like to do/what are the possibilities to achieve them, in which way you would like to reach your goals?

It’s all about awareness and personal growth, to make your goals clear and to develop them in a practical manner, within your talents and qualities.