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It's your turn. It's your time!

It's Your turn, Your time!

You would like to go forward, it’s nice to have support along this process. Somebody who will be there for you, to guide your personal growth.
As a coach I will be there to support and guide your inner development.

I’m positive minded, optimistic, I like to make plans and realize them.

Next to being a coach I’m a Commercial Manager at an international company for 22 years now. My experience, and my positive mindset will help to achieve your goals. My coaching will support you in developing your personal growth. The steps to achieve this will be sometimes small, sometimes big, but always supporting a better way-of-life, as You would like to live.

Michelle helped me going through the steps of my personal and professional life to set some goals and understand where to focus more. It is very important having somebody like her able to ask the right triggering questions that open your mind to a different perspective and see things from another point of view. Now I know better what I want and how to deal with it. Thanks Michelle!


With her positive, calm and thoughtful way and by asking the right questions, Michelle encouraged me to phrase my thoughts, which helped me to become more aware of my options and preferences for both personal and professional matters. It was a great experience! Thanks Michelle!