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About me

Who am I

In my training as a coach at the Dutch Academy for psychotherapy I’ve learned straight from the start to work with and to support people in a practical manner to achieve their -maybe small or maybe big- goals in life.

I liked and immediatly felt good about this dual system of training (practice and theory together). Straight away I could practice theory in a private and personal setting; ofourse with professional guidance.

Because of this training I learned to combine theory, methods and techniques to focus on set goals, of poeple who I would like to support in their development to integrate these goals in their life. During the training you practice theory and discuss with coach-colleagues the different situations in a session.

During my sessions you are working towards an sustainable change in your life. I am only guiding you towards this change. You will take the steps yourself in an active manner. We will highlight the present, your goals and the options to achieve these goals in our sessions. I’m based in Amsterdam, but if prefered, we could make the appointment for the session(s) somewhere else.

In the future I would like to work internationally, would like to organise workshops and would like to have more beautiful sessions with poeple! It is a great profession, which developes itself all the time, and in which I would like to develop myself, to support you in the best way!

I could support you in different languages: Dutch, English and Italian.